For more than thirty years, I've been leading writing workshops in my home in Cambridge, MA. Most of my workshops are geared toward serious writers who want rigorous feedback; however, some sessions welcome beginners as well as seasoned writers who seek fresh ways of generating new material. Over the decades I've taught children, teens, doctors, lawyers, nannies, therapists, CEOs, rowing coaches and rabbis.  Here's what some students have said about my teaching:

We write about love, loss, illness, bicycle accidents, dogs, travel and libraries. Feedback is gentle, criticism is kind, and we all learn fast because of it. And Lucca watches it all, toy in mouth,from her dog bed.
Leslie works miracles with our writing. It’s a process and it’s at work even when we don’t even know it.
Leslie is like a jazz master. She lets the less experienced try their chops, take their solos, then she plays and everything is brought up a notch. She improvises, but was with all jazz masters, she replies on years of experience, on intelligence and nimbleness and responsiveness.
Leslie has integrity, and creates a place at her round table in the kitchen, the kitchen with the southern pine board floor and the magnolia tree outside her window, where you can find and create your own. She brings together amazing, talented, insightful people. I frequently have a buzz for a couple of days after our group meets.
I think Leslie is a genius at teaching, and at creating a safe creative space for us in all our dimensions.

"I left feeling so happy!" 


I love working with writers of every age and ability. My expertise is in literary fiction, memoir, and the essay form.  An "ethical will" is a letter recounting one's formative life experiences, beliefs and values. This is a beautiful legacy and I enjoy working closely with people as they craft this document.

As a former teacher of college writing, I am well-positioned to help with college admission essays. My interest is working with people — I view myself not as an editor but as a teacher.